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Storage Tips for Small Businesses & Small Business Owners

June 10, 2024 in Storage Blog

An entrepreneur labeling and scanning a box for e-commerce purchase.

As the owner of a small business, you often have a lot of work to handle. That’s why it’s crucial to streamline your operations whenever and wherever possible. Thankfully, an ideal solution is not far away with self-storage. 

Renting out and utilizing a storage unit to its full potential can help your small business more than simply making more space around the office. Our team at Absolute Storage Management will guide you through the benefits and many ways you can utilize self-storage for your small business.

Why do I need small business storage?

Before you start your search for the ideal business storage solution, it’s best to consider why self-storage can help your small business in the first place. The answer lies within the many benefits of utilizing the proper storage unit. The following are the many benefits you can reap from small business storage:

  • Decreases clutter around the office
  • Maximizes use of office space
  • Offers affordable space for small business inventory
  • Is cost-effective
  • Provides flexible access and business hours
  • Is adaptable for seasonal item storage

Small Business Storage Ideas

After acknowledging just how valuable a resource self-storage can be for a small business, it’s time to start thinking about how it will help your business. With so many storage unit sizes and types available across many facilities, deciding how you’ll use your small business storage unit can be overwhelming. Allow us to show you some ideal small business storage solutions you can utilize when renting a unit. 

A pair of small business owners in a warehouse checking a product before shipping it.

Small Business Inventory Storage 

Instead of cramming your office space or home with all your merchandise, store it in self-storage. Whether you need a space to store office supplies or tools and equipment, the proper storage unit will provide enough space to clear the office and secure your inventory. 

Document Storage

Besides being a place to store inventory, a small business storage unit can be ideal for document storage. With a wide range of security features, the best storage facilities can provide quality protection to keep your business and tax documents secure. 

Office Space

A critical part of starting a business is having enough room to operate smoothly. Especially useful for home-based businesses, a storage unit can provide a workspace for your business instead of taking up more room at home. Additionally, you can store heavier equipment and files in filing cabinets as you work instead of making a special trip just for storage. 

Commercial Vehicle Storage

If your business involves a commercial vehicle, such as a trailer or car, self-storage can become an ideal spot for your vehicle storage. From outdoor uncovered spaces to drive-up indoor storage, self-storage can help keep your commercial vehicle out of the driveway. 

Small Business Storage Tips

Now it’s time to begin your search for the right storage unit! But there’s more to the storage process than throwing your merchandise in a few boxes, dropping them off at your storage unit, and heading out. To help streamline your process, let us provide five tips on properly utilizing and organizing your small business storage unit. 

1. Pack and Label Everything Correctly

Properly packing your inventory can further prevent wear and tear on your items and better eliminate exposure to dust and moisture. Many storage facilities will have packing and moving supplies available on-site for purchase for maximum convenience. Also, make sure to label all your boxes and containers to avoid misplacing important items such as merchandise and supplies. 

A young entrepreneur holding a tablet and standing in front of inventory.

2. Invest in Industrial Shelving

One simple storage unit upgrade you can make is to invest in industrial shelving for boxes. This can be useful for items or boxes of items that are better kept away from the storage unit floor. Many shelves are easy to assemble, even from inside your storage unit on move-in day!

3. Choose the Right Storage Unit Size 

Another critical step in finding the right solution for your small business is finding the right storage unit size. This will help prevent you from overpaying for a storage unit that’s too big. Look through our online size guide to learn more about several common storage unit sizes.

4. Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

Especially in e-commerce industries, merchandise and products can often be fragile and need a stable environment before being used or shipped off. This is where climate-controlled storage can help. Kept within a consistent temperature range at all times, our climate-controlled storage units are designed to keep sensitive items such as documents, books, and electronics shielded from extreme temperature fluctuations. 

5. Keep All Your Inventory Secure

When it comes to small business storage, it’s important to find a facility that prioritizes keeping your business items secure. Many storage units and facilities have various security features, such as video recording and gated units, to help control who goes in and out of your storage unit. With these practices in place, you can better restore peace of mind. 

Find the Best Small Business Storage Unit With Absolute Storage Management

Absolute Storage Management offers the ideal self-storage solution for your small business. Each of our convenient locations throughout the country offers unique storage features and various unit sizes and types.

Don’t let your inventory take up too much space in the wrong place. Find your nearest storage facility managed by Absolute Storage Management online today!