Business Storage

Keeping your items organized is vital to running a successful business. When your office or storefront becomes overcrowded, it is time to find additional space to store important documents, inventory, or furniture. With units ranging in size from 5’ x 5’ to 10’ x 20’, commercial storage solutions are available to meet your business’s unique needs.

Types of Business Storage Services

Each business venture comes with its own set of needs. In the same way, each facility provides different types of commercial storage services to meet the needs of a variety of operations. Typical commercial storage services include: 

  • Self-storage. These units provide a perfect solution for businesses that need a little extra space to store furniture, additional financial documents, and excess inventory. Self-storage units come in a variety of sizes to match the space you need. These units are also easy to access, allowing you into your unit whenever you need it.
  • Warehouse storage. If your storage needs exceed the amount of space provided by a standard unit, a warehouse may be the solution for your business. This type of commercial storage gives you the extra space that you need without tying you up in a long-term lease. Visit your local storage facility for a list of available warehouse spaces for rent.
  • Office space. Are you getting ready for a large office renovation? If so, you may need a place to go to continue business as usual. Several facilities offer office space for rent so your business won’t miss a beat.
  • Business vehicle storage. Whether your employees are unable to keep company vehicles at their homes or you just want to keep them all together in a secure location, vehicle storage is a great solution.

Business Storage Features To Consider

Self-storage should do more than give you a place to store your belongings. It should also make your job easier. Many facilities offer several key features to help your business reach its full potential. Many facilities accept deliveries on behalf of your business allowing you to ship supplies, inventory, and other items here so you don’t have to move deliveries from one location to another. 

If you are using your unit as a place to store important financial documents or temperature-sensitive inventory, climate-controlled storage is the perfect solution. These units are kept at a consistent temperature year-round to fight the effects of drastic weather changes such as warping, tearing, and melting. Additionally, you can save yourself time and energy by choosing a unit with drive-up access. Just park your vehicle or moving truck right in front of your unit to unload it on the day of your move. Take advantage of key features and amenities when renting a self-storage unit for your business so you can focus on growth and building a legacy you’re proud of.

Business Storage for a Variety of Industries

No matter what services you offer, your business can benefit from self-storage. You can use your self-storage unit as a workshop for your construction business. Some units even offer the availability of electricity to give you all that you need for your shop. You can also easily keep inventory in your unit for your retail store or turn it into a studio for your photography business. Whatever the need is, there is a solution to help. 

Document Self-Storage

Despite moving toward a more digital platform for storing documents, physical document storage is sometimes inevitable. When you feel like your office or storefront has become inundated with paper documents, store them with us. Climate-controlled storage units provide the perfect solution for keeping your documents organized and secure. 

Rent Business Storage Today

Don’t let your business suffer from a lack of storage space. Find a self storage facility near you to rent commercial storage today.

FAQs About Business Storage

Can I deduct self-storage from my taxes?

If your business requires self-storage as a legitimate business necessity in order for things to run smoothly, you can write off your storage fees as a standard business expense deduction. Contact your accountant for further assistance on the best way to do this.

Can I store business material in a storage unit?

If you don’t have the storage or office space available to store inventory for your business, keeping it in a storage unit is a great solution. This way you can organize inventory and shipping materials neatly in one space. Keep finished products safe and your workspace clear with the help of a self storage unit. 

What is the purpose of storage in business?

Self-storage units provide solutions for a variety of self-storage needs. From storing inventory, furniture, and financial documents to giving you a space to work out of, self-storage is here to help you make your business successful in every way.