Accessible and Secure Bluetooth Storage Unit Locks

You deserve to feel comfortable about where you’re keeping the things you have in storage. We’ve made that easier than ever by installing new, cutting-edge Bluetooth locks at more and more of our storage facilities across the country. This high-quality technology creates a secure storage environment while also making it quick and effortless to access your unit.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple! Our smart entry system is designed to streamline your storage experience and put your mind at ease. The goal is to do more than just let you into your unit—you’ll be treated to an all-around better self-storage rental process when renting from a facility equipped with this technology.

Electronic Internal Lock

Our locks are accessed from the outside, but the mechanical components of the lock that keep the door secured are located inside. This is much more secure than an external padlock or disc lock.

Digital Key

You can access your storage unit digitally using your phone as a digital key. Download the app and connect to your unit via Bluetooth, and you’ll be able to unlock, lock, and manage your lock with just a few taps.

Monitor Activity From Your Phone

One of the biggest perks of our Bluetooth-powered locks is that they allow you to monitor your lock remotely from anywhere. The app lets you view all activity at your storage unit, including entrances and exits. You can set up alerts to inform you with a push notification any time anyone attempts to access your things.

Give Access to Family, Movers, and More

Renting a storage unit with a Bluetooth security lock also helps anyone sharing their storage unit with others. Whether you’re a family, a married couple, a pair of roommates, or another group splitting a storage unit, you can effortlessly manage who has access via our app.

People renting storage during a move can also benefit from our secure storage units. If you’re making several trips in and out, fiddling with a pair of physical keys every time can be a hassle. Additionally, if you’re paying movers, you can temporarily give them access via the app to help keep the process moving along.

Protection and Flexibility for Businesses

Business owners will definitely appreciate the sense of security that comes with our Bluetooth unit locks. Between inventory, supplies, and expensive equipment, the things you keep in commercial storage are quite valuable. The extra security provided by our locks helps protect that investment, and you can let any employees or associates in via the app.

Rent Secure Storage Solutions From Absolute

Absolute Storage Management provides secure storage units you can depend on. We’ve added state-of-the-art locks powered by Bluetooth to many of our storage facilities across the United States. Whether you’re looking for month-to-month storage or a long-term space, you can confidently find it with us. 

Want to learn more about what our storage facilities offer? Explore our storage features page and FAQ for additional information!