Investments by Absolute Storage Management

Absolute Storage Management is the leading provider of third-party management services in the United States. Absolute Storage Investments, the investment branch of Absolute Storage Management, aims to maintain that standard through fostering long-term relationships with our clients.

How We Invest

Absolute Storage Investment purchases existing facilities, new facilities, and development opportunities. Such purchases are usually joint ventures with Absolute Storage Management’s existing clients. This allows additional direct benefits through our relationship. Absolute Storage Investment is led by executives with over 50 years of combined industry experience:

Types of Properties Purchased

Absolute Storage Investments pursues a broad range of investment properties to diversify its holdings and maximize its investments and partnerships with clients.

  • Full spectrum of new properties, including Class-A, Class-C, GenV, and value-add acquisitions to multi-story developments
  • Existing properties acquisition focusing on value-add and expandable properties
  • Developing ground-up, multi-story, and conversion opportunities

Absolute Storage Investment manages its own construction projects, leading to a lower overhead and greater control over costs from the very beginning of the project.

Investment History and Results

Absolute Storage Investment has a multi-year history of excellence regarding property investment. Over the last five years, Absolute Storage Management has:

  • Purchased or been involved in the purchase process of many properties
  • Partnered with multiple clients

We pride ourselves in the returns on our investment – and ours yield industry-leading results.

Investments With Impact

Our investments aren’t just a way to earn capital or to foster partnership with clients. Our storage facilities help real people in a variety of different ways and amid a range of life circumstances. Check out our facilities, and see what our investments help to provide for those needing more storage.

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