Storage FAQ

Choosing a storage unit can be a difficult task, with endless size options and features, the choices seem overwhelming. If you feel overwhelmed by all of your options, call one of our storage professionals to help you choose what size and features are best for you.

Here are some questions that will help you narrow down your search and best select a storage unit:

  • If your items are sensitive to heat or humidity, then you should consider choosing a Climate Controlled unit. However, if your items could be left in a garage, then a non-climate controlled unit would be an economical and viable option. Please note that some properties only offer Non-Climate Controlled or the latter, Climate Controlled. Make sure to ask your storage professional about their unit types.

  • Many Absolute Storage Management managed properties offer short term specials that will help you with temporary storage needs. Some properties also offer generous discounts for long-term storage.

  • The best way to save money is to only pay for the space that you need! This is where the storage professionals at an Absolute Storage Management managed property can help! An additional resource for you is the detailed Unit Size Guide provided in the Resource section online.

  • Make sure you are aware of the property’s access hours. For your safety, most properties have access hours from 6am – 10pm. However, 24 hour access can usually be accommodated upon request.

If you have questions about renting a storage unit or storing certain items, the tips below cover everything from how to efficiently plan the layout of your stored items to properly caring for specific items while they are in storage. If you have a question that is not answered below, a facility employee will be happy to work with you as long as you need!

  • Whether you need an indoor, climate-controlled space or an outdoor unit will depend on what you plan to store. Check out questions 1 through 11 on this page for clarification.

  • Climate-controlled units are either heated or cooled so that their temperature and humidity can be regulated and maintained. We recommend using these kinds of spaces to store items such as furniture, boxes, clothing, documents, and any other items that are sensitive to heat and moisture. Units without climate control can be compared to a fluctuating garage temperature. These units are not regulated for temperature or humidity, so these factors can fluctuate based on the seasonal weather outside. These rentals are great for cars, boats, machinery, and motorcycles.

  • Indoor and outdoor units refer to the location of the door that provides access your unit. An Indoor unit has an interior door entry located inside a building. This building may provide climate control unit or it may not. Outdoor units offer exterior access to your belongings, which, again, may be climate controlled or non climate controlled. Outdoor units are also referred to as drive-up accessible (or aisle) units.

  • Drive-up units are outside storage units that you can drive up to and store your belongings, making unloading and loading most convenient.

  • Roll-up doors work similarly to a garage door. They have a sliding latch or lock that, when released, allows the door to roll up overhead.

  • Locker units are our smallest units available. They are best for storing small items or boxes for light decluttering.

  • Lift access is elevator access that is provided at most of our multi-level facilities.

  • Please use this interactive Unit Size Guide that is available to help you gauge what unit size you need.

  • Yes, you can pay a bill by referring to the home page and clicking “Make a Payment” in the top right corner. We also offer an auto pay program to “set and forget” your monthly payment for your convenience!

  • ASM managed properties offer month-to-month, ongoing leases that offer you flexibility with your storing plans.

  • In most cases you will need: boxes, packing tape, markers, and wrapping material such as newspaper or bubble wrap. Most of the ASM managed properties offer these items conveniently in the property’s rental office. Contact your property manager for pricing and availability.

  • Yes. Check your facility to see their insurance options

  • We take every effort to protect your items. Check out our individual property pages for details.

  • Every facility has its own access hours. Please check your facility’s access hours on their property page.

  • Every property is serviced by dedicated pest control experts. Speak to your property manager for more details

All of the properties managed by Absolute Storage Management offer online bill pay and automatic bill pay options for your convenience. Never worry about late payments or late fees with these online access and automatic bill pay options.

Let our staff be your number one resource for your storage questions. We are the experts so you do not have to be. Call the office near you today!