College Student Storage

Moving away from your childhood home and living on your own for the first time can be scary. There are many things to adjust to, including a new class schedule, juggling a part-time job, and learning how to live with a roommate. One problem you might run into when you arrive on your college campus is a lack of storage space in your dorm room. 

Instead of packing everything into a closet or under your bed, find the college storage solutions you need with the help of a self storage facility.

Reasons for Needing College Storage

If you are a college student you might be wondering, “Why do I need self-storage?” There are several circumstances that might cause you to need a bit more space or a place to store your belongings. Reasons for storing your items during college include:

  • Lack of space in your dorm or apartment. Learning how to manage sharing a space with roommates for the first time can be tricky. Dorm rooms and apartments don’t offer much leeway in the way of storage space. Self-storage units can give you a place to store duplicate furniture, appliances, or anything else you can’t seem to fit into your place.
  • Summer break. When you return home for the summer, sometimes your stuff cannot go with you. Renting a truck to move your stuff across the country and back again can be costly and time consuming. Take advantage of student storage and conveniently store your belongings back in your college town so that you don’t have to move your items back and forth continuously.
  • Internship. If you have the opportunity to pursue an out-of-town internship, self storage can be a helpful tool for storing items you can’t take with you. Store your items for a semester or longer while you gain some real-world experience.
  • Study abroad trip. Experiencing another culture is one of the most exciting opportunities you can have while in college. Take advantage of study abroad programs while you can and rest easy knowing you can store your items in a self-storage unit while you are away.

College Student Storage Guide

There are many benefits to choosing college storage. First, this solution is cost-effective on an already tight college budget. Many self-storage units are affordable without sacrificing quality. You can save even more when you split a unit with your friends.

Renting a self-storage unit also offers flexibility and convenience. With month-to-month leases, you can rent a unit only for as long as needed. Keeping all your belongings near your college campus makes moving back easier after the summer. Now you don’t have to keep hauling items back and forth and you can move your items back into your dorm in shifts. 

Finally, college storage allows you to cut down on clutter in your dorm or apartment. Many times, you and your roommate will move in with the same items, leaving you with duplicates. Now, you can store those duplicates away rather than just getting rid of them. You can also begin accumulating items for when you move into a bigger place without fear of running out of room in your dorm or apartment.

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Student Storage Size Guide

As you begin the process of renting a self-storage unit, you may be wondering exactly how much space you need. If you need to store small kitchen appliances or a couple of boxes of seasonal clothing, a 5’ x 5’ or 5’ x 10’ unit would work just fine. Self-storage units sized at 5’ x 15’ or 10’ x 10’ are great for storing all your dorm room essentials from your bedding to your futon. If you need storage for an entire one-bedroom apartment, opt for a larger 10’ x 15’ or 10’ x 20’ space. If you are still unsure what size you need, take a look at our storage size guide

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FAQs About Student Storage

Do I have to rent a storage unit long term?

Absolute Network facilities offer month-to-month leases meaning you can rent your storage unit for short-term and long-term purposes. Rent a storage unit for exactly the amount of time you need with the convenience of month-to-month leases.

When can I access my belongings?

Access hours are different at each location. Most locations can offer you access to your unit outside of the hours of operation. Check with your local facility for the most accurate information.