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Why You Need College Self-Storage

April 27, 2021 in Storage Tips

student standing in front of her father and a car. both are holding boxes of belongings

As you approach the end of the semester and wrap up your final exams, it’s time to prepare for your trek home for the summer. While you may be eager to start making your way home, don’t forget that you still have to pack up your Jackson, MS, dorm or apartment.

Chances are you own way more belongings than you may have packed when you first moved in, and you may find yourself thinking, “How am I going to get all this stuff home?”

Thankfully, you don’t have to! Learn why self-storage at American Mini Storage is an affordable and convenient solution to temporarily store your belongings over the summer.

Discounts help you save on student storage costs.

Saving money is important, especially when in college. Luckily, student storage won’t burn a huge hole in your wallet. Along with great everyday affordability, most storage facilities offer discounts for students to cut that price down even more. Another way to save money on storage? Rent a storage unit with some friends or roommates. This way, you all can store your belongings together and split the costs between each other.

Month-to-month storage is flexible and convenient.

Unlike apartments, storage units don’t come with a long-term commitment. When renting a storage unit, you can take advantage of flexible month-to-month leases. Rent your student storage for only as long as you need it! Just storing your belongings for the summer? No problem. Need to store your stuff for two semesters while you’re taking a course abroad? That’s perfectly fine, too. Rent your unit for however long you need to, with no strings attached.

Storage keeps your belongings organized and in one place.

Leaving all of your valued belongings in the care of someone else can be nerve-wracking, but there’s no need to worry. Depending on the storage facility you rent from, your belongings will be kept secure using a variety of advanced security features. From 24-hour recorded video surveillance to fenced perimeters to gated key access and more, storage facilities are implementing newer and more secure measures to protect your items. Be sure to ask the property manager what security features their facility provides. 

Worried about extreme temperatures causing damage to your stored belongings?  Rent a climate-controlled unit! Whether you’re storing a TV, furniture, important papers from classes, textbooks, or treasured photographs with friends, climate-controlled storage means you won’t have to worry about heat or extreme cold causing warping or other damage to these items.  

Student storage is great for summers and semesters away from campus.

Along with storage in between semesters, there are many other ways students can utilize self-storage. If you plan on studying abroad, for example, you can keep your belongings stored away in a storage unit until you come back. After graduation, college dorms and apartments tend to rush you out of your room with little time to figure out your next steps. Instead of being pressed for time to find your next home, take your time and store your belongings in a self-storage unit until you are ready to make your next move. With the flexibility storage brings, the possibilities are endless. When you need some space and time to plan your next moves, student storage is the way to go!

Student self-storage makes moving back into the dorm easier, too.

Moving furniture long distances isn’t a lot of fun, and it’s even less fun to do it twice in the span of a few months. Instead of hauling it back and forth between campus and your childhood home, consider self-storage. In addition to keeping items close to campus, you can move them in and out in shifts versus all at once. You won’t want to clutter up your parents’ home, even if it is just for a few months. Save both yourself and your parents the headache by choosing to store in a self-storage unit.

Rent your student storage unit in Jackson, MS.

Lucky for you, everything we’ve mentioned is available in Jackson, MS. American Mini Storage is an affordable and reliable self-storage option that is perfect for college students. Along with our flexible lease terms and our climate-controlled units, we also have moving and packing supplies available on-site for purchase, as well as carts and dollies to help with loading and unloading.

At American Mini Storage, our friendly staff is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about storing your belongings. We’ll even give you some packing and storing tips to help make your move as easy as possible. Visit our facility today or reserve your student storage unit online today!