Climate-Controlled Storage

Selecting the perfect storage units for your belongings often comes with a lot of options. Will you choose a garage-sized 10’ x 20’ unit or will a small 5’ x 5’ space work best? Do you need 24-hour access or will you visit during business hours? One important deciding factor in choosing a storage facility is the type of amenities they offer, including climate-controlled spaces. 

If your storage unit will hold delicate items or belongings that are sensitive to temperature or humidity, a climate-controlled storage space will provide optimal conditions. Spaces that are heated and air conditioned provide an additional layer of protection and peace of mind whether you’re storing for a few months or for the foreseeable future.

What Is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Climate-controlled self-storage units keep your items stored at a consistent temperature for the entire year. This is helpful when living in an area where the weather changes drastically or the temperature is extremely hot or cold. When your items are stored at a steady temperature year round, it can help combat certain temperature and humidity-related damage such as warping, cracking, tearing, or melting.

Items That Need Climate-Controlled Storage

When deciding if you need to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, it is best to take a look at the items that need to be stored. Some are fine to store in a standard unit, while others require a bit more protection. Consider the following items as you decide if climate-controlled storage is best for you:

  • Electronics. Storing any type of electronics in extreme conditions is never a good idea. High humidity or extremely hot or cold temperatures can ruin these items. If you are thinking about storing TVs, vinyl records, DVDs, computers, or gaming systems, climate-controlled storage is your best bet.
  • Furniture. When exposed to extreme weather conditions, furniture made of wood or leather is prone to warping and tearing. This means your wood furniture and anything with leather should be kept in a unit with climate control.
  • Collectibles. That collection of vintage baseball cards or valuable piece of artwork needs to be protected in the best possible environment. From antiques to coin and stamp collections, collectibles should be kept in a stable environment.
  • Books, newspapers, and other important documents. Whether you are storing your extensive library collection or financial documents from your office, these pages can be susceptible to fading if not kept out of humid or hot conditions.
  • Musical instruments. Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on instruments like percussion, string, or brass instruments. Keeping your musical instruments in an environment that fights against elements is best.
  • Clothing. Clothing items made of cotton are generally safe in a standard unit. However, if you plan to store anything made of leather or lace, it is best to keep it in a climate-controlled unit.
  • Wine. Any good wine connoisseur knows wine needs to be stored under specific conditions. Keeping it in a climate-controlled environment is best to ensure it retains that great taste and quality. Some storage facilities even offer wine storage created specifically for this use.

How To Prepare Items for Climate-Controlled Storage

While climate-controlled storage units do a lot to protect your items from damage, there are also some steps you should take to prepare for the storage process. From cleaning your belongings to knowing the best way to pack them, these tips will help you take all of the necessary precautions.

While climate-controlled storage units do a lot to protect your items from damage, there are also some steps you should take to prepare for the storage process. From cleaning your belongings to knowing the best way to pack them, these tips will help you take all of the necessary precautions.

  • First, create a list of items that you plan on storing. This will help keep you organized and will allow you to easily identify the items that may need a bit more attention during the packing process. Don’t forget to measure your items to help you utilize every possible inch of your unit.
  • Next, start organizing your items and gathering the necessary packing materials. Make sure to purchase boxes, storage containers, bubble wrap, newspaper, and blankets to wrap around extra-delicate items. Many storage facilities allow you to buy these items right from the office. Check with your local self-storage facility for packing and moving supplies.
  • Clean all your items. Sanitizing and wiping down your items will prevent mold and mildew from growing while in storage. Wipe wood furniture down gently with a damp cloth before applying a coat of furniture polish and make sure leather is free of course particles by vacuuming before you apply a leather protectant product to the upholstery.
  • Now you can begin packing your items. Make sure to bubble wrap anything made of glass or porcelain to prevent these items from cracking, shattering, or scratching. It is also helpful to label boxes as you go to make items easier to find if you ever need to retrieve anything from storage.
  • Finally, move your items into your unit. Many facilities provide carts and dollies to assist you while you unload your items, so take advantage of those things. As you are packing up your unit, make sure to keep furniture raised and keep important items off of the floor to prevent damage from unforeseen circumstances.

Rent Climate-Controlled Storage 

When you’re in search of climate-controlled self-storage, properties in the Absolute Storage Network have the units you need, when you need them. Find a storage facility near you to rent or reserve a climate-controlled self-storage unit today!

FAQs About Climate-Controlled Storage

Is climate-controlled storage more expensive?

Yes, typically climate-controlled self storage units have a higher cost than non climate-controlled units of the same size. To save some money, take advantage of exclusive online discounts when you rent or reserve your unit online. 

Can I control the temperatures in my climate-controlled unit?

Facility temperatures are regulated by the management team and cannot be altered by tenants. This ensures units are kept at the same temperature throughouts the entire year.

How do I know if I need climate-controlled storage?

If you plan on storing items that hold sentimental value or would be susceptible to warping, melting, or tearing, consider a climate-controlled unit. Renting a self-storage unit with climate control will grant you peace of mind for your items whether you need short-term or long-term storage solutions.