Boat, RV, and Vehicle Storage

Love the lifestyle as a summer road-tripper or weekend warrior? It’s easy to see why once you hit the open road in your RV or spend a week at the lake relaxing on your boat. But when the 9-to-5 comes calling, what do you do with your seasonal vehicles? Most driveways aren’t large enough to fit a 40-foot RV, and many homeowners associations have rules against parking your RV. Thankfully, facilities in the Absolute Storage Network offer a variety of vehicle storage solutions to fit your needs. Common vehicle storage options inclulde:

  • RV storage 
  • Boat storage
  • Motorcycle storage 
  • Jet Ski storage
  • Car storage 
  • And more!

Keep your driveway clear, your HOA happy, and your mind at ease knowing your vehicle is in good hands.

Types of Vehicle Storage

Vehicle storage includes a variety of options including indoor, outdoor, and covered. Options are available to fit your individual needs as well as your budget. Knowing what you plan to store and how long you’ll be storing can help in finding the perfect fit. 

Indoor Vehicle Storage

Indoor vehicle storage is the most secure option for storing your vehicle over the summer. Similar to private garages, your vehicle will be locked up tight and only accessible with your unique code. Indoor vehicle storage units will also protect your boat or RV from the elements, so you don’t have to worry about falling branches or precipitation damage. Climate-controlled options are also available for indoor vehicle storage to help keep your seasonal vehicle in top shape.

Covered Vehicle Storage 

Covered vehicle storage offers some of the same benefits as indoor vehicle storage but at a lower cost. A covered car storage space protects your vehicle from heavy rain and harsh sun so you don’t have to worry about chipped paint or a worn finish.

Outdoor Vehicle Storage

Outdoor vehicle storage is a budget-friendly option for storing your seasonal vehicle. Simply park your RV, camper, or boat in an outdoor storage lot and drive away! While this option doesn’t offer protection from the elements, it’s usually more affordable than indoor storage or covered storage and creates more space in your driveway or garage. These spaces are perfect for storing a vehicle you access often.

RV Storage

Store any class of RV and enjoy convenient 24/7 access that allows you to retrieve your vehicle whenever you need it so you’re ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice. Indoor or covered RV storage spaces are large enough to accommodate almost any RV, including Class A motor homes. Some indoor spaces are even climate controlled, so your road trip will be cool and comfortable from the get-go.

Boat Storage

If you’re looking for a place to keep your boat when life keeps you from hitting the lake, we’ve got you covered (quite literally). Indoor and covered boat storage spaces will protect your boat from the elements, so it’s always ready for an early-morning fishing trip. Outdoor boat storage spaces allow easy loading and unloading so you can make the most of your weekend. 

Tips for Storing Your Seasonal Vehicle

Before putting your boat or RV in storage for the colder seasons, follow these tips to ensure your vehicle will be ready for summer.

Clean Up Your Vehicle Before Storage

While it’s always good practice to keep your RV or boat nice and clean, it’s especially important if you’ll be storing it in an outdoor or covered space. Any crumbs or leftover food scraps can attract pests and critters, who would love to find a cozy home in your RV.

Cover Up Your Vehicle in Storage

If you’re using an outdoor or covered space for boat or RV storage, invest in a good cover. This will provide extra protection from the elements and small animals that may be looking for a way in. For long-term RV storage, consider covering the wheels as well to preserve the condition of the tires.

Winterize Your Vehicle Before Storage

Before any long-term RV or boat storage, but especially throughout winter, make sure to fully disconnect the battery and remove it from your vehicle. This will prevent the cold weather from draining the battery.

If you’re storing your RV in an outdoor or covered space during the winter, make sure to drain its water system first to prevent any damage from freezing and keep the pipes in good shape.

Store Your Seasonal Vehicles 

Whether it’s a boat, RV, camper, or any other seasonal vehicle, storage facilities have the room to store it all! Self storage solutions are available to protect your investment and ensure a fun summer. 
If you have questions, be sure to take a look at frequently asked questions or contact us directly to learn more about storage solutions available at Absolute Storage Network facilities. Ready to rent storage for your vehicle? Find self storage near you today.