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Debra Hutchison

Accounts Payable Specialist

Debra received her BS in Accounting from Kaplan University while working full time at Veraction. After graduating she continued her career with Veraction as an Accountant and later promoted to Accounts Payable Supervisor. Debra, who is originally from Akron, Ohio moved to Arlington, TN in October 2005 where she currently resides with her fiancé/domestic partner Greg. Greg and Debra do not have any children together except for their fur baby a Schichon (Shih Tzu Bichon mix) named Chase. She spends most of her free time listening or reading books watching TV and trying her best not to go shopping when she’s bored.

Can you guess which fact about Debra is false? Email her at debra.hutchison@absolutemgmt.com for the answer!

  • Debra was on her high school swim team
  • Debra is the only person in her immediate family (not including her domestic partner) that has her driver’s license and knows how to drive.
  • Debra has experience hanging drywall, cabinets, and laying tile.
(833) 463-6276 ext 718   |   debra.hutchison@absolutemgmt.com