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Vintage Vinyl: 3 Tips for Storing Your Record Collection

June 24, 2020 in Storage Blog

A person sorts through a stack of vinyl records

Want to keep your original Thriller record in mint condition? Looking to store your records in a more secure place than in your closet or basement? Storing vinyl records correctly can make all the difference when it comes to preserving your record collection. At all of our facilities in the  Absolute Storage Network, we’re big fans of helping you store all your belongings—including vinyl records—properly. Whether you have questions about the right way to handle them, package them, and store them, let us help keep your collection in great shape.

How to Store Your Vinyl Records

Keeping your records in the best possible condition they can be in starts with proper maintenance and storage. When storing your vinyl, there are several steps you can take to create the optimal environment and make use of the space you have available. These three tips for storing your record collection are:

  • Keep your records cool and dry
  • Stack records vertically
  • Store vinyl records in their sleeves

Continue reading for additional information regarding these tips about proper vinyl storage. 

1. Keep Your Records Cool and Dry

Much like anything made of vinyl or wax, high humidity can warp your records, and even elevated temperatures can melt them. On the flip side, extreme cold can also harm your records, too, by making them crack more easily. Always store your records in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. One of the best ways to ensure freedom from extreme temperatures is to store them in a temperature controlled storage space. When you keep them in climate controlled storage, your collection will remain at a consistent temperature and humidity level—no matter the season.

2. Stack Records Vertically

Vinyl records aren’t light. Laying your records on top of each other is one way to shorten their lifetime. You should always store them vertically, with the spines facing outward if possible. If they’re stacked high and horizontally for too long, they may become warped and no longer play correctly. Place them side by side in a hard plastic bin or a wooden crate to protect them while in storage. Be sure not to overload the box, because that can make it hard to flip through them if you want to pull one to listen to later.

3. Store Vinyl Records in Their Sleeves

It’s easy to misplace the sleeves for your records if you don’t keep them organized or always put them back when you’re done listening, but one of the most important parts of record storage is to keep your records in their sleeves. These sleeves—both the outer cardboard-like cover and the inner paper sleeve—will keep the records protected from dust and other debris that could scratch their surfaces.

If you don’t have the original sleeves, you could always purchase some clear record sleeves with resealable flaps or look online for replacements. If your records’ sleeves have been damaged due to water or other moisture sources, replace them. With proper care, you’ll never have to worry about dust or mildew damage while they’re in self storage. Clear sleeves also have the benefit of allowing you to easily read the labels in the center of each record.

Climate-Controlled Vinyl Record Storage

A person pulls a vinyl record out of its sleeve

Closets, attics, and basements aren’t the most ideal vinyl record storage spaces. If you’re not actively using your record collection, trust the storage experts at one of our facilities in the Absolute Storage Network. Given that vinyls need to be kept cool and dry, a standard storage unit may not be able to cut it. Our climate controlled storage units remain at a steady temperature throughout the entire year in order to protect your records from high humidity and extreme temperatures. These units can also be used for other storage items such as artwork, musical instruments, and furniture made of wood or leather.

Need to store more than just your record collection? Self storage provides even more benefits such as freeing up space in your home while providing the protection you need to keep all your collectables in great shape.

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