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Team Member Spotlight: Heather Hughes-Meek

February 17, 2021 in Facility and Management News

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Heather started with Absolute Storage Management in 2018 as a Property Manager in Toledo, OH. Her excellence and leadership put her on the fast track for growth and she quickly was promoted from a Property Manager to a Senior General Manager then later a District Manager and now a Regional Manager. During her time as a Senior General Manager, Heather shadowed her Regional Manager and completed multiple training sessions and exercises, giving her experience and exposure to a variety of properties and projects.

Heather’s willing to take on the world personality is contagious and has been instrumental in developing her team and property success.

When asked what Heather is most looking forward to in this new role, she answered:

With this promotion, I will be taking on a new-to-me market. I am looking forward to the new variety of properties and their puzzles that come with them. Every property is unique just like people. They all have their quirks and personalities. It is taking what I already know and manipulating that into what works for that particular property. It can be challenging at times, but it can also be fun.

-Heather H.M.