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Steps for Snow Blower Storage After Winter

March 10, 2023 in Storage Blog

A man clears a driveway covered in snow using a red snow blower

Snow blowers are essential tools in many northern areas. When extreme weather moves in and drops snow and ice on your home, having a snowblower to clear your driveway and sidewalk can save you both time and effort. Because a snowblower can be an expensive investment, you’ll want to make sure you properly store yours once the snow clears. 

This three-step guide from the experts at Absolute Storage Management will help you clean and prep your snow blower for storage so when the snowflakes start to fall again, you’ll be ready to gas up and go!

1. Empty the Fuel Tank

Gasoline isn’t a stable material. Over time it will evaporate and oxidize your engine if it’s left in the tank. Since snow blowers are only seasonal hardware, the damage from storing gasoline in the tank that long might even completely ruin your engine. Use a hose to drain the fuel from your snow blower into a gas can before you store it away. As an extra tip, using gasoline with no ethanol helps keep your snowblower’s carburetor clean for when you bring it out again.

If you use a battery powered snow blower, there’s no fuel to drain. However, you do have large batteries that you’ll need to maintain. Removing the batteries and keeping them charged is one option. If you have other tools that use the same batteries, running those with your snow blower batteries every so often will help them maintain their storage capacity.

2. Perform Any Maintenance

Once you’ve got the batteries out or the fuel drained, you should perform some maintenance on your snow blower. Give it a good wipe down to clean off most of the salt and dust that will be clinging to it. That will help prevent corrosion. If there are any parts that need replacing, now is a good time to replace or repair them. You want your snow blower to be in working condition when you store it so you won’t be surprised when you need it again. This is also a good time to change the oil in your snow blower for similar reasons.

3. Use a Snow Blower Cover

The last step in preparing your snow blower for long term storage is to use a snow blower cover. A sturdy cover that will keep it dry and safe from the majority of dust will help prevent corrosion damage or other forms of weather or scratching from occuring while it’s stored away.

Store Your Snow Blower for the Summer with Absolute’s Storage Network

When you have your snow blower all prepared for storage, the only thing left to do is pack it away. If your garage doesn’t have quite enough space, or you’d prefer to keep your snow blower safe, sound, and out of sight, Absolute Storage can help! With a network of facilities in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, and beyond, we have the storage space you need for your snow blower, shovels, and any other winter gear. Find a facility near you to get started today!