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Home Office Necessities for Remote Work

July 16, 2020 in Storage Tips

A woman sits and speaks to a screen during a video call

More of us are working from home than ever. Whether you’re new to telecommuting, an experienced remote employee, or running a home-based business, organization is essential to your success. Make your home office a space you’ll love working in with these tips for home storage from the team at Absolute Storage Management. When you invest in these home office necessities, you are investing yourself and your career. Read on for additional information about the items you need in your home office.

Supplies for a Dedicated Home Office Area

Don’t think that working from home means working from the couch. If your remote work lifestyle is semi-permanent, you’ll need a clear division between a workspace and a relaxation space. Dedicate a spare room as a work area, if possible. Set up a desk with all your equipment such as a computer/laptop, writing utensils, a planner, and notepads or notebooks. 

If you’re short on room, consider setting up shop at your kitchen table or at a countertop. There are plenty of portable desk options or lap desks available when you do not have the space to set-up a full desk. No matter how much space you have available, creating clear divisions will help you start (and stop) work on time and keep you in the right frame of mind to stay productive.

Proper Technology for High-Quality Performance

If you’re a remote employee, there’s a good chance your company has provided you with the basic equipment such as a computer and additional monitor. But what about all the other necessities that help to increase your productivity?

If you’re commonly asked to join conference calls where video is required, you may want to look into upgrading your webcam. Headphones are an absolute must, too, especially if you’re not home alone. You may also want to look into other office equipment such as printers, scanners, or paper shredders if your job requires you to work with contracts or other documents that require a physical copy. Don’t forget a spare phone charger for your desk, especially if you’re constantly taking calls.

Comfortable Office Furniture

A woman sits at a desk at home on a video call

Comfort is key but protecting your body from all-day sitting sessions is a must. The most important item on the list is a good desk chair. Today’s desk chairs come with options like headrests, adjustable arm and seat heights, and sliding seats for better back support. For a healthier alternative to comfy seating, try a standing desk and anti-fatigue desk mat. Standing may lower blood sugar levels, and it can help burn more calories than sitting. Not sure you’re ready to commit to standing for eight hours? A sitting-and-standing desk gives you flexibility for those days when you want or need to get off your feet.

Smart Storage Options

If your remote work situation has become more permanent, you may want to look at revamping your storage situation to keep organized. Invest in cube shelves that can be mounted to walls or spice things up with fabric drawers in colors and designs. Don’t forget about desktop storage for pens, pencils, and notebooks. You can even look into buying a laptop stand and monitor arm to help reclaim some desk space.

Rent a Self Storage Unit Near You Today!

Dedicating a space in your home to work takes a lot more effort than you’d think, and sometimes it may make sense to claim an entire room. If you need to create the right working environment for your home office, consider trusting the experts at a local facility in the Absolute Storage Network. We offer plenty of storage solutions to help keep your belongings in one place until you need them again. To get started, visit us online to find a facility near you and rent or reserve your self storage unit today.