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Empowering Change: Reflecting on a Year of Compassion and Community Impact through Our Partnership with Storage Gives

February 12, 2024 in Facility and Management News

Written By: Megan O’Connell, Operations Project Manager  

We are delighted to share the remarkable outcomes of our 2023 charity partnership with Storage Gives, which aligns seamlessly with our “We Care” culture.  

Through this meaningful collaboration, we have proudly contributed over $10,000 to support essential causes such as Autism Speaks, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Water for Life, and Homes For Our Troops. This significant contribution reflects our commitment to fostering a compassionate and socially responsible “We Care” culture within our organization. By actively participating in initiatives that positively impact our communities, we demonstrate our dedication to creating a better world. Our collective effort with Storage Gives showcases the power of caring and giving back, reinforcing our commitment to supporting those affected by autism, breast cancer, water scarcity, and the needs of our military veterans.  

As we celebrate these achievements, we look forward to continuing our humanitarian journey, embodying the principles of our “We Care” culture in every step we take.