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Self-Storage for Retail Owners

February 20, 2020 in Storage Blog

A woman hands a shopping bag to a customer in a small business after purchase

As a business owner, you already have enough on your plate to take care of. You don’t need to deal with shrinking storage space on top of managing funds, employees, and inventory. Whether you’re working out of a home office or run multiple locations, you deserve a solution to documents, inventory, and equipment that can take up valuable space in your office or store front. If you’re running out of space in your business and want an off-site storage solution, a self-storage unit might be exactly what you need.

Benefits of Renting a Commercial Storage Unit

Off-site business storage can seem intimidating when it comes to storing items for your business. However, there are truly many advantages to choosing self-storage for your retail business. At Absolute Storage Management, we want you to increase your productivity and customer satisfaction with the help of self-storage units. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of retail storage.

Cleaner Back Room

Most back rooms start out neat and tidy. However, that changes as you build your inventory and start collecting more decorations for your store. Seasonal decor, promo displays, and document bins take up precious space in back rooms. It’s easy for them to get in the way of your products and clutter the overall area. With a storage unit, you can move them all to their own space and take them out only when you need them, thereby cleaning up your back room and giving you more room to breathe.

Tidier Floor Layout

There are some instances where you can only do so much with the space you are given. As you try to make the most of the space you have, you may be making it hard for customers to navigate the aisles if you are placing unnecessary things in the way. You can reduce the clutter in the store and improve the layout by placing excess products and other items in off-site storage. This may even help increase customer satisfaction and bring more business to your store.

More Organized Inventory

A woman uses a tablet to check through store inventory

Managing inventory can be overwhelming, especially if the back room you’re using is too small for the amount of boxes and packages you have. Self-storage can help organize your products, making them easier to find when you need to restock.

Once you’ve put some of your inventory into self-storage, you can bring in shelves and other things to keep your products, promo materials, and other items neatly organized and easier to manage. Customer satisfaction will increase and your productivity will no longer suffer when you can spend more time growing your business and less time organizing product, shipping supplies, and equipment.

Gain More Space With Retail Storage

Extra retail storage space can be hard to come by as your business expands. Whether you’re looking to improve your inventory management or just need extra space for seasonal decorations and promo items, a storage unit can extend your business without breaking the bank. You can always start with a small unit and upgrade over time as your storage needs grow with your business. When you’re ready to take advantage of self-storage, contact a self-storage facility managed by Absolute near you today.