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Addressing Your Dresser: How to Organize Every Drawer

March 20, 2019 in Storage Blog

Organized dresser drawer of shirts and pants.

If you had no dresser in your bedroom, who knows how cluttered your room could be! Your dressers are a key component of bedroom organization. Without them, your clothes would pile up in the closet and on the floor. Absolute Storage Management has a few pointers on how to maximize your dresser’s functionality for keeping your bedroom neat and organized every day of the year.

3 Tips to Organize Your Dresser

Rotate the items every season.

Dressers have limited space for your clothing. You can jam as many clothes in the dresser that you want, but you’re only making it harder to close the drawers in the end. Rotating seasonal items frees your dresser drawers and makes room for clothes that you plan to wear this season. If it’s summer, put those winter clothes in storage. In addition, don’t fold bulky sweaters and then shove them in the dresser. Hang them in the closet to make space for other clothes in the drawers.

Group like items.

It’s easy to keep your clothes tidy in the dresser if you organize them by type. Organize your shirts by color in one drawer, your underwear and socks in another drawer, and your pants and shorts in the other drawers. The more drawers it has, the easier it will be to organize all of your clothing by color, size, or type in the dresser.

Learn to let go.

Maybe you don’t need 15 sweaters after all or those old pants with the holes in the knees. Some people hold on to clothing for sentimental sake, but holding on to too many items can quickly eat up your dresser’s space. Consider donating, handing down, or giving away some of those unused or old clothes. If you can’t toss them aside just yet, invest in off-site storage units to keep everything stored away until you decide what to do with it.

Bedroom Organization With Self Storage

Storage units come in handy for unused or old clothing. If you can’t stand the thought of parting with your clothes, keep them tucked away in self storage. With a few storage bins, a hanging rack and a temporary dresser, you can keep those clothes organized in a dedicated unit away from home. You’ll gain much needed space back at home for your current wardrobe and any other clothes that catch your eye when you’re out shopping.