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U-Haul Dealer of December 2014

February 18, 2015 in Facility and Management News

Everyone loves the Top 100, no matter what is being counted: Top 100 Songs, Top 100 Healthiest Recipes, Top 100 Fatties Recipes, Top 100 Tips to Lifting Weights, or Top 100 Makeovers. Everyone is interested in what makes the Top 100.

Well, here at Absolute Storage Management, we are very proud to announce that our own Storage Plex of Kingsport, TN, has been named Top 100 U-Haul Dealers for December 2014. This honor is given to Property Manager, Kelly Zimmerman, for her attention to detail and commitment to customers. U-Haul has over 15,000 dealers in their local programs which makes Kelly’s accomplishment one of great recognition.

Kelly has been awarded this recognition based on her attention to U-Haul’s focal areas of clean equipment, lined-up displays, promotions, and attention to procedures and details. Absolute Storage Management is very proud of Kelly’s accomplishment.