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Longtown and the Extra Attic Storage to Joaquin Relief

October 8, 2015 in Facility and Management News

Hurricane Joaquin has left South Carolina flooded and many people in shambles. People are being advised to evacuate their homes and are under a “boil water advisory”. Many dams have breached and so far at least 11 of them have completely failed causing some areas to have to be evacuated. During this time of tribulation, two of ASM’s South Carolina facilities have decided to step up and help the people of their community and try to provide some relief.

Longtown Self Storage in Columbia, SC and The Extra Attic in Wando, SC are offering a free month of storage for units of all sizes as well as a free month of SBOA insurance for all people effected by the category 4 storm. Both of these specials will be available to tenants for a month or longer depending on the time it takes to clean up the mess Joaquin left behind.

In light of the “boil water advisory”, Longtown Self Storage will be a drop off and pick up location for water bottles. Please come by to drop off water for the community or to pick up water while the local water systems continue to be corrected.


Longtown Self Storage
405 Longtown Rd
Columbia, SC 29229

The Extra Attic
1074 Clements Ferry Rd
Wando, SC 29492