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Your Complete Guide for Decluttering This New Year

January 24, 2024 in Storage Blog

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At the new year, you might turn away from the ball drop on TV and see a home filled to the brim with clutter. While a cluttered home can be a stress-inducing nuisance unlike any other, you have the power to declutter and clean your home in the way you want. In fact, there’s no better time for refreshing your home than at the new year.

Whether you live in a single-bedroom apartment or a multi-floor house, doing a deep clean and decluttering your home can offer the fresh start you don’t realize you need. In this blog post, our team at Absolute Storage Management will offer you numerous tips and advice on how to clean and declutter your home for the new year.

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning for the New Year?

By cleaning your home for the new year, you can gain more than a refresh. According to Forbes, there’s a wide range of mental health benefits that come with a clean home. You can gain a sense of control and order while developing and nurturing a sense of security and familiarity in your home. In addition to this, decluttering your home can sharpen your focus and regulate your emotions.

New Year’s Cleaning Checklist

As you gain a better understanding of why cleaning and decluttering for the new year is so beneficial, it’s best to start thinking about what your plan of action should be. We recommend that you grab a pen and a sheet of paper and write down a formal new year’s cleaning checklist.

Don’t know what to add first? Here are four simple steps you can take to better prepare your home’s deep clean before the clock strikes midnight.

1. Think Positively

Positivity is the key to transforming a morning or afternoon of cleaning into a journey and stress-relieving experience. If you think cleaning your home is a chore, it will come off as exactly that. However, if you pick up your cleaning instruments with a sense of confidence and productivity, you will be shocked by just how much you can get done in just a morning or afternoon.

Woman decluttering and sorting through clothes in cardboard boxes

2. Make a Plan

Even the greatest amount of confidence and urgency won’t get you anywhere if you try and tackle your home all at once. Before the first brush of the broom, come up with a plan on how you will clean your home. Try to take each room one at a time and categorize items together in order to avoid anything getting lost. By coming up with a basic plan, you can better and more methodically take on your home without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Turn Cleaning Into a Social Event

Once you devise a plan, get some helping hands. Though you’ll need to figure out how to make cleaning the house feel less like a chore to your family or friends. This is why it’s best to make an event out of it. Put on some music and offer some concessions and refreshments to make your friendly helpers comfortable and good-spirited.

4. Look to Others for Inspiration

However, you shouldn’t just rely on your own vision to best clean your home. After all, your perfect vision of your home is ever-changing. Take a moment to do a quick online search for any ideas and tips on how to organize and declutter your home. By expanding your resources, you can gain a better appreciation and understanding of what you and those you live with want and need.

Decluttering Room Tips

If you decide to take on a room-by-room approach to your new year’s cleaning, have an idea of what you need to do for each room. Although every room in your home is different, there are certain tips and tricks you can utilize to declutter each one and your home at large efficiently. Here are just a few room decluttering tips to consider:

  • Start by clearing out everything in the room
  • Think about your furniture choices
  • Group items strategically
  • Don’t forget about closets
  • Keep all items off the floor
  • Keep home storage containers handy but at a minimum
Collection of clothes in a closet in need to be decluttered and cleaned

How Self-Storage Can Help Declutter Your Home This New Year

The best solution should not involve you having to get rid of a plethora of your belongings. You can make the space you need at home without having to get rid of your prized possessions with the help of self-storage.

Not only can self-storage declutter your home with unparalleled efficiency, it can be a great source of stress relief as it gives your belongings a centralized and secure place to be kept. Whether you need furniture storage or document storage, finding the right storage unit is the ideal solution you need for cleaning out your home for the new year.

Storage Tips for New Renters

As you try and find your ideal storage unit, it can prove to be more difficult and daunting than initially thought. Thankfully, there are several pieces of advice you can use to position yourself for an optimal self-storage solution. To get you started, here are some of our personal recommendations to first-time renters:

  • Determine what your storage needs are
  • Find the best storage facility for your needs
  • Pack belongings in tight and protective containers
  • Label all boxes and containers for easy identification
  • Disassemble furniture for easier move-in
  • Make an aisle or two inside your storage unit

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