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Leaf Me Alone: Banish Leaves from Your Lawn

September 17, 2019 in Storage Tips

Person raking a pile of leaves.

Everyone loves the sight of leaves changing colors in early autumn, but what happens after? Those beautiful shades give way to nuisance leaves on the ground. That brief period of color change signals a time when—in a few weeks—you’ll have to spend week after week raking your lawn. What do you do with all those leaves once you pile them up? Absolute Self Storage has some ideas to make fall yard maintenance more bearable in.

3 Things to Do with Autumn Leaves

Use Them for Mulch

Some people burn their leaf piles. Others bag them and haul them away. Why not turn your leaves into attractive mulch for your landscape? If this is your plan, you’ll want to shred them (see below) before spreading them around trees, bushes, and other vegetation. After putting the mulch in place, spray it with water to keep the shredded leaves from blowing away in the wind.

Add Them to Compost Piles

If you want to start composting, there’s no better time than in the fall. All you need are some leaves, water, and a bin to get started. You can put the whole leaves in the bin or shred them first to make them decompose more quickly. Some towns will even compost your leaves and make it available next spring, so check with your city’s waste management to learn more about those services.

Run a Mower Over Them

Raking leaves is hard work, especially if you’re thinking about transporting them elsewhere in bags. But you don’t need to move them—in fact, sometimes it’s better if you don’t! If you plan on leaving them on your lawn, use your lawnmower to mulch them. Simply run them over with a mower a few times to spread them evenly across the lawn. As they decompose, they’ll add nutrients back into the soil and help you to have a healthier, greener lawn when spring arrives. If you still want to use them as mulch for flower beds, just add a bag attachment to the mower and relocate your new mulch to its desired location.

Keep Yard Maintenance Tools In Self Storage

When you’re finished prepping your lawn for winter (whether that’s removing leaves, planting new seed, or giving it one last trim), there’s no need to keep all of your yard maintenance equipment in your garage or a shed out back. Save space at home with storage units.

With self storage, you won’t have to move things around in your garage to make space for your aerators, chippers, and other equipment. Climate-controlled storage units are even better and will keep your equipment protected from temperature damage and stored neatly out of the way until you need it.