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Five Simple Tips to Create Multipurpose Spaces in Your Home

May 17, 2023 in Storage Blog

A brightly lit, clean room features a couch, shelves, and work desk

With life changes happening constantly, it’s easy to find your home in a state of disarray. Whether trying to accommodate a new member of the family or creating a workspace for a new hobby or job, houses have begun to feel cramped. One solution to make your house feel more spacious is to create multipurpose rooms in your home.

You may think your home is too small to provide for all the activities you do in your day-to-day life but with some assistance from self-storage and a creative mind, you would be amazed at how big your house can seem. These helpful tips can help in your journey to generating multi-use room ideas.

Deciding Where to Begin

Like any other home project, it can be difficult to decide where to start. One important thing to note is that you want to keep your bedroom for sleeping. Our brains associate different spaces with certain activities, so working in your bedroom can have adverse effects on your mental health, including affecting sleep patterns.

However, other spaces in your home can be converted to become multipurpose rooms. The best way to decide which room is best suited to serve another purpose is to think about which rooms or areas within rooms are least used in your household. For example, a spare closet can be turned into office space by opening the doors and putting a desk in that space.

When considering which room you want to use for your multipurpose space, you also have to consider your long-term uses. If you are working on adding a play space for a young child, you need to keep in mind how their needs may change as they get older and decide if this space will be able to accommodate those changes.

Gather Multipurpose Room Design Ideas

A padded rolling chair sits at a desk space surrounded by a sink and laundry area

It can be difficult to visualize how a space can be used for a different purpose. The best way to create a vision for your space is to look online. A few ideas include combining eating, social, or relaxation areas in a multipurpose room. You can find common combinations below.

The kitchen and dining room multipurpose space is likely the most common. However, if you have already created a breakfast nook or dining room within the additional space in your kitchen, you could turn it into an office or play space when it is not being used for meals. You could also put a dining area or office space into additional space in your living room. Living rooms are also excellent places for craft areas, home gyms, or child play areas.

When looking at spaces, laundry rooms or guest rooms are infrequently talked about, but these places make excellent rooms for multipurpose rooms. Given some flexible storage or furniture, your laundry room can be transformed into office space, craft areas, pet rooms, bathrooms, or food/guest clothing storage. Your guest bedroom makes an excellent space for office and craft areas, as well, with flexible furniture that can hide the bed.

Divide the Space

The best way to create multipurpose spaces in your home is to divide the room or area into segments and figure it out from there. For example, if you have an open-concept kitchen and dining room with extra space that you want to turn into an office space, you will likely not be able to utilize the area where the kitchen appliances are.

One of the easiest ways to divide the room is to work from the corners. It’s simple to split a room into quadrants, but that isn’t always feasible. If there is something on one side of the room that takes up a lot of space, you may find splitting the room in half or three portions easier. Keep in mind that the divisions do not have to create an equal amount of space in all the sections. You just need enough to use the space for whatever you plan on putting there. 

Once you quit seeing a room as only the original purpose it was meant for, it becomes easier to shift into that creative mindset to make a multipurpose space. Going back to the dining room example, you could repurpose the dining room table for office space and use the additional space for a play area for a toddler.

Buy or Create Multipurpose Furniture

A vintage cabinet serves as a desk and shelf in a study area of a home

Any space that you plan on using for more than one purpose will need furniture that can accommodate all the needs of the space. It is best to do this step of the process before you purchase furniture for the room, but you can certainly do it after as well. Nesting-style furniture is the best way to have plenty of furniture for your space and be certain you can still move freely.

If you consider the dining room example, you may need a few things to help this space serve multiple purposes. For example, a full-length dining room table may be too much room for you while you are working, so collapsable leaves may be just what you need to transform that table from an office desk to a dining room table. You may also find sitting in a dining room chair all day to be uncomfortable, so you may want to invest in chairs with padding or a chair pad or pillow to make yourself more comfortable.

Utilize a Self Storage Unit

Perhaps you have already moved into your home and want to rearrange it to accommodate new needs that you have. This may require you to get rid of current items in that space. Instead of wasting cherished items, you should think about storing them in case of future needs. Be sure to check size guides to know that your belongings will fit in the storage unit.

Another way to save room in a multipurpose space is to create storage in the space. Consider bringing a shelving unit into a child’s play area or baskets that can be pushed under existing furniture to save yourself some room. If you can find storage that gels well with the design of the multipurpose space, other guests may not even be able to notice your creative storage solutions.

Creating multipurpose rooms in your home is a great way to accommodate all the needs of family members while being able to use all your rooms to their maximum potential. However, it can be difficult to take a room and turn it into multiple. If you find yourself running out of space or want to keep furniture for future use, we’re here to help! From Find a location nearest you in Atlanta, Memphis, Augusta, and beyond to start your storage journey and get to planning and creating multipurpose spaces in your home today!