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February 27, 2013 in Facility and Management News

Management Services.

Professional Property Management

• Hiring, motivation and training of property personnel

• Hands on supervision by the partners through on-site visits

• Established policies for running a self-storage property

• Significant training of new staff

• Periodic manager meetings and sales training seminars

• Mystery shopping (by telephone and in person)

• Procedural help for property managers


• Aggressive Internet marketing programs that generate results

• Senior management aggressively reviewing all web options

• Development and implementation of a marketing plan

• Development of new, or enhancement of current marketing materials (brochures, thank you letters, etc.)

• Establishment of strategic alliances with apartment complexes, businesses and moving companies in a 3-mile radius

• Annual review of yellow page ad for effectiveness and enhancements to improve results

• Quarterly visits from our marketing managers to train on site staff

• Tracking of results to determine ROI of each marketing initiative

Revenue Maximization

• Frequent street rate adjustments based on market demand

• Annual customer rate increases

• Ancillary income through truck rentals, tenants insurance, locks and packing supplies, etc.

• Competition rate analysis

Human Resources

• Employee payroll processing

• State and local sales tax processing

• FT employees eligible for ASM health insurance, dental, vision, LT disability, supplemental coverage

• All employees eligible for ASM retirement plan

• Administration of health insurance plan

• Administration of retirement plan

• Discount on worker’s compensation insurance – due to ASM economies of scale

• Administration of worker’s compensation program

Vendors and Maintenance

• Access to ASM preferred vendors

• Discounted service contracts for insurance, inventory, office supplies, etc. – due to ASM economies of scale

• Maintenance contracts bid and signed (i.e. lawn, security, mechanical, etc.)

• Obtaining bids and awarding contracts for maintenance items under $10,000 (higher

• amounts include 5% fee)

• Ordering of retail inventory

• Arrangement of retail displays for maximum effectiveness

Management Reporting

• Extensive monthly financial and operational reports comparing actual to budget results

• Annual budgeting

• Computerized property management software

Accounting and Audit Controls

• Weekly audits of deposits and alterations

• Processing of accounts payable

• On-site audits performed on an unannounced basis

• Payment of invoices

• Reconciliation of monthly books


• Provide ASM’s State Lease – Integrate with software

• Foreclosure sign-off and completion of the foreclosure and auction process

• Provide collection services for unpaid accounts after the lien process has been completed