Management Services

Absolute Storage Management (ASM) provides storage facility owners with third-party management and marketing resources. From the development of new facilities to managing existing ones, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that will positively impact your business.

Our Management Structure

Our deliberate organizational structure and coordination of our management team builds a strong foundation for leadership. Regional managers support and provide oversight for district and general managers. Internal promotion is a strong feature of this system and ensures that promoted team members have industry knowledge and expertise.


Our Values

At ASM, we pride ourselves on being a value-focused company. That’s why we approach each storage facility we manage as if we ourselves were owners – taking a vested interest in the success of each one. When you work with ASM, expect:

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Dedication

Our Services

When you partner with ASM to manage your storage property, you get access to every benefit of our services, including over eight decades of combined experience in the industry.

Professional Property Management

We focus on hiring, training, and motivating property personnel to succeed and provide hands-on supervision through regular on-site visits. In addition, we utilize web-based rental software and communications programs to streamline operations. We’ve established proven protocols for running a self storage facility and use them to your advantage.

Maximized Revenue

We look at every opportunity to grow revenue through competitive rate increases (based on data and rate surveys), additional income through products like truck rental and packing supplies, and expansion opportunities.

Reporting Tools

We use annual budgeting to ensure expenses are kept in check. In addition, ASM uses online property management software that is viewable by owners 24/7. Get access to extensive monthly financial and operational statements. One of our core values is that you always be informed about how your property is performing.

Vendors and Maintenance

ASM provides access to our preferred vendors, who are vetted and tested and provide excellent service to our properties. We’re able to offer discounted contracts for insurance, inventory, office supplies, and more. We negotiate fair prices for managed maintenance services like lawns, mechanical repairs, and security.


Our marketing partners generate results for your property through effective social media campaigns, paid search media, and local brand awareness. They’re focused on your facility’s success and take steps to ensure marketing efforts are highly localized to your location.

Human Resources

All of the personnel at properties we manage are employees of ASM. That means we handle payroll processing, medical insurance, and disability coverage. In addition, we place a high focus on employee retention. Partnering with ASM also means discounts on worker’s compensation insurance.


We handle the foreclosure sign-off and auction process. We also provide collection services for unpaid accounts once the lien process has been completed. Our State Lease is subject to annual review by top attorneys and integrates with our software.

Accounting and Audit Controls

ASM takes care of processing accounts payable and produces regular reports. We conduct unannounced on-site audits to ensure the property is performing to our standards and handle weekly audits of deposits and alterations to ensure financial integrity. All of this record-keeping is to ensure that your property performs the way it needs to.

Reach Out for More Information

Think your property could benefit from third-party management? Have questions about any of the above information? We want to help your property be the most profitable venture possible. Over 130 other self storage properties have seen results from our work. If you want to learn more about our process, contact Jasmin Jones and learn why third-party management from ASM makes sense for you.

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