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Looking for a company to manage your self storage property?

Absolute Storage Management is actively seeking to add additional properties to its portfolio through traditional third party management relationships and through joint-venture/acquisition opportunities.

Why use Absolute Storage Management?

Absolute Storage Management, Inc. (ASM), founded in 2002, is the leading provider of third-party management services in the United States. Beginning with three employees and one property under management, the partners of ASM have grown the company to 90 properties comprising over 5 million square feet. Today, ASM employs talented team members operating in 13 states with its headquarters based in Memphis, Tennessee, and regional offices in Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, Jackson, MS, and Charlotte, NC.

ASM's founding partners each have more than 20 years of self storage management and acquisition experience dating back to their beginnings in the industry, holding various positions in the 1990s at a national self storage Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Within ASM, there are eleven regional managers that oversee the properties, all of which have risen through the ranks from property managers to their current positions over the past years. The partners continue to be closely connected to each of the facilities and clients and believe that their involvement fuels the future growth and development of the properties.

The partners' approach of managing each facility as if they own it has served them well over the years and continues to generate new referrals and growth opportunities. ASM has been able to consistently deliver outstanding results for its clients because of its strong focus on managing revenues and expenses, using creative marketing techniques, and employing exceptional site and regional managers. ASM's same-store year-over-year revenue growth through December 2016 ranks among the highest in the industry at 8.0%.

Communication is a key to success at all levels and ASM puts a strong focus on effective and timely communications with its clients, team members, and storage customers. Clients have instant access to their property's operating system and are provided with industry leading month-end financials that give both dashboard and detailed analysis into the property's performance. Technology plays a large role in communicating with renters, including the use of social media and the internet to attract new tenants, and the use of email with customers to reduce administrative costs.

ASM's approach to controlled and steady growth within a close-knit trade area has positioned it nicely for future management opportunities. ASM currently manages facilities in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

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Absolute Storage Management Leaders

Michael Haugh - President/CEO
Michael Haugh - President/CEO

901-490-9656 |

Michael Haugh is the CEO of Absolute Storage Management and has over 21 years of self storage industry experience. Michael's primary responsibilities include corporate strategy and leading ASM's acquisition and development activities. Under Michael's direction, ASM has developed and acquired over $35MM in properties across thirteen transactions. Prior to forming ASM in 2002, Michael was a senior executive with Storage USA, the second largest storage REIT at that time. Michael began his self-storage career at Storage USA working as an assistant property manager and maintenance technician. After graduating college, he spent three years as a property manager and district manager, learning the business from the ground up. Thereafter, Michael took on a variety of responsibilities to complement his operations experience, including: working with the company's CFO on joint ventures and equity financing, as well as working with Storage USA's CEO, investing in new development projects and acquiring existing properties.

Michael holds a BA in Economics from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from the University of Memphis. He also is an affiliate real estate broker in Tennessee and holds the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) and the Certified Property Manager (CPM) designations. Michael is a member and active participant in the Memphis chapter of Vistage, an executive leadership and best practices group.

Michael is co-founder and past president of the Tennessee Self Storage Association as well as a former board member of the Georgia Self Storage Association.

Can you guess which fact about Michael is false? Email him at for the answer!

  • He started working at the age of 10 on a farm.
  • Jazz is his favorite music.
  • He played rugby in college.
Jasmine Allen-Jones - Vice President of Business Development
Jasmine Allen-Jones - Vice President of Business Development

678-779-1978 |

Jasmine grew up in a small town: Jasper, Florida, where there are exactly three traffic lights! She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in business finance. Her hobbies include reading (50 Shades Trilogy is awesome!), watching HGTV, spending time with family and friends, and raising her dog Chance to be the best human he can be -- which is clearly not working.

Can you guess which fact about Jasmin is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • She is a huge supporter of the Susan G. Komen foundation.
  • She loves college football, especially the University of Florida.
  • She goes skydiving every summer.
Matt Bailey - COO
Matt Bailey - COO

901-412-3512 ext 703 |

Prior to forming ASM, Matt accumulated five years of experience in the self storage industry and has held a variety of positions, enabling him to amass extensive knowledge of the industry. Starting off as an assistant property manager with a national self storage company, Matt rapidly advanced into management, holding a district manager position for two years, where he supervised 15 self storage properties. Serving as a financial analyst for the next year, he was able to hone his analytical skills before moving on to a highly visible position as Manager of Contact Center Operations, where he supervised a staff of 30. Matt holds a BS in management from Southern Illinois University and an MBA from the University of Memphis. He is currently pursuing the CCIM designation. Matt is primarily responsible for property management, marketing, and operations.

Can you guess which fact about Matt is false? Email him at for the answer!

  • His nickname is "Ace".
  • He is a USA Table Tennis Grand Champion.
  • Tool is his favorite band.
Jennifer Barnett - Vice President of Operations
Jennifer Barnett - Vice President of Operations

901-737-7336 |

Jennifer received her BS in Communication from Emmanuel College, and her MBA in Management from Brenau University where she was named the 2016 Outstanding Management Graduate Student. After college she worked as a newspaper reporter for four years before becoming a general manager of a hotel. She has worked for ASM since 2007 and has loved every minute of it. She has an awesome husband and two pretty phenomenal kids. She still has two baby teeth which has to put her in some type of elite club. She is not into sports and is quoted saying that "ideally my husband would move out during football season. I would miss him, but I would get over it."

Can you guess which fact about Jennifer is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • Coffee and massages are her two favorite things.
  • She once sang in a ladies sextet.
  • She loves Disney World.
Scott Beatty - CFO
Scott Beatty - CFO

901-737-7336 ext 704 |

Scott Beatty is the CFO of Absolute Storage Management and has over 18 years of self storage industry experience. Scott's primary responsibilities include the continued growth of the third-party management business as well as traditional CFO functions, such as the oversight of accounting, financial reporting, revenue management, underwriting, human resources, and technology.

Prior to joining ASM in 2003, Scott spent eight years in financial operations and forecasting/budgeting, including four years as a financial executive at Storage USA. His experience includes the development of single-year property budgets along with long-range strategic and financial plans for large scale companies. During his self-storage career, Scott has overseen and managed the annual budgeting and forecasting responsibilities for over 400 properties, along with the creation, generation, and analysis of monthly property financial reports.

Scott holds a BS in finance from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. Scott is actively involved with the University of Memphis Fogelman College of Business as a mentor in its Memphis Institute for Leadership Education (MILE) program which annually pairs up business executives with elite undergraduates for mentoring and leadership opportunities.

Grace Anderson - Director of Marketing
Grace Anderson - Director of Marketing

901-737-7336 ext 705 |

New Orleans-born and Memphis-bred, Grace is full of life and thrives on experiences. Grace is a graduate from the University of Memphis where, thanks to meeting Michael Haugh and Matt Bailey in a university mentoring program, she was chosen as the inaugural intern with Absolute Storage Management (ASM). This experimental position turned into a permanent job in July 2013.

Today, Grace and her team manage website development, online and in-person marketing, advertising, and operational project management. She fills up her week with volunteering and experiencing new adventures.

Can you guess which fact about Grace is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • She is one of six children.
  • She has skydived three times.
  • She was in a band in college.
Sherry Watkins - Director of Hiring & Transitions
Sherry Watkins - Director of Hiring & Transitions

404-824-5356 |

Prior to joining the ASM Family more than eight and half years ago, Sherry worked for a company traveling the USA marketing & leasing multi-family properties. Prior to that, Sherry was a flight attendant. Travel is now and has been a big part of her lifestyle. Sherry is the Director of Hiring and Transitions & Acquisitions Specialist for ASM. As the Acquisition Specialist, her duties are to, as smoothly as possible, take over a property and get it up and running to the ASM standards, incorporating training, marketing, and our Core Values in the process.

Can you guess which fact about Sherry is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • She has five sisters.
  • She was a state swimming champion.
  • She has to watch her weight.
Anna Knecht - Marketing and Operations Specialist
Anna Knecht - Marketing and Operations Specialist

901-737-7336 ext 709 |

Anna is a recent University of Memphis graduate, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BBA in International Business and a BA in Spanish. Throughout her time in university, she was an intern for several local non-profits and worked for a marketing research firm her senior year. She also studied at the University of Costa Rica, was an English tutor for foreign exchange students, and was an active member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, the MILE program, the Economics Club, Up ‘Til Dawn, and Phi Kappa Phi. Anna plans on attending graduate school and says she enjoys marketing because it unifies the analytical and creative aspects of business. In her spare time, Anna enjoys videography, traveling, reading, watching foreign films, playing piano (and teaching herself the violin), and spending time with her family, friends, and boyfriend. Anna has one child (dog) named Daisy, who is affectionately nicknamed psycho.

Can you guess which fact about Anna is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • She has been to 17 countries.
  • She is ambidextrous.
  • If she did not study International Business and Spanish, she would have studied Cultural Anthropology.
Kelly Webb - District Manager
Kelly Webb - District Manager

423-297-0791 |

Kelly Webb was born in Florida, moved to Michigan, and then adventured to Tennessee. Kelly has 3 wonderful children. She is an avid bow hunter and is always up for new challenges whether it be with her career path or at home. Kelly was named runner up for the 2014 Manager of the Year with Tennessee Self Storage Association. She was also nominated for second quarter manager of the year in 2015 with ASM.

Can you guess which fact about Kelly is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • Taking a cruise is on the top of her bucket list.
  • Traveling is her life.
  • She enjoys golf
Barb Wurstner - Accountant
Barb Wurstner - Accountant

901-737-7336 ext 700 |

Barb grew up in Michigan and attended the Walsh Business College, working full-time for Pulte Homes and completing her degree in business. Barb Wustner is no stranger to the world of self storage. She first entered the storage industry 17 years ago for Storage USA. She acted as the accounting IT support specialist, where she was responsible for supporting the entire accounting staff on any software/hardware issues in Tennessee. Barb then ventured off to see what she could do in the IT world and held the position with AS Hospitality as director of IT, where one of the major responsibilities was project manager of switching from a dos-based software application to JD Edwards and during this time became Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). She is currently only one exam short of a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MSDBA). Today, Barb is a lead accountant at Absolute Storage Management (ASM), where she handles accounting for 40+ property locations/entities and corporate tasks including 80 properties' payroll/corporate programs/credit card charges, and reimbursables back to ASM.

Deana Brunjes - Accountant
Deana Brunjes - Accountant

901-737-7336 ext 706 |

Born in Argentia, Newfoundland of a Navy family, Deana spent most of her younger years traveling the eastern states. Deana attended the University of Memphis, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in English and then continued her education at Christian Brothers University, where she obtained an accounting degree. Previous to working with Absolute Storage Management, Deana worked 23 years at a biotech firm. In her spare time, Deana enjoys hiking, reading, weaving, and playing bassoon.

Can you guess which fact about Deana is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • She likes to cross country ski.
  • She is a big Dallas Cowboys fan.
  • She is terrified of whitewater rafting.
Warren Ransom - Accountant
Warren Ransom - Accountant

901-737-7336 ext 707 |

Warren is a Memphian born and bred. He recently graduated from the University of Memphis with a bachelor's degree in accounting. Warren got connected with ASM through the MILE Program, where he meet CFO Scott Beatty. Fast forward two years later and he is now employed by ASM (as of May 2015!) As an accountant with ASM, he is responsible for ensuring the accounting functions of the properties are handled smoothly and accurately. He enjoys reading books on leadership, spending time with family and friends, and serving at his local church.

Can you guess which fact about Warren is false? Email him at for the answer!

  • He is an eagle scout.
  • He has been deep sea fishing.
  • World domination is on his bucket list.
Aleah S. Cole - Accountant
Aleah S. Cole - Accountant

901-737-7336 ext 701 |

Aleah Cole holds a BBA in Accounting from The University of Memphis (Magna Cum Laude) with a minor in Music. She also has an MBA from The University of Memphis and is CPA licensed in Tennessee. Aleah joined ASM in July of 2014 with previous accounting and tax experience in the public accounting, banking, REIT, and hotel industries. Her hobbies include kayaking, golf, traveling abroad, playing French horn in an orchestra, and watching movies with her husband, Jason.

Can you guess which fact about Aleah is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • She loves the New York Yankees.
  • She has always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon.
  • She loves country music.
Susan Riley - Accounting Assistant
Susan Riley - Accounting Assistant

901-737-7336 ext 708 |

Susan was born in Boston, MA, a child of a Navy family, and moved to Memphis, TN at the age of 4. Susan started her college career at the University of Memphis and has ended up at Strayer University with only 9 months until she receives her BS in Accounting. Before working with Absolute Storage Management, Susan worked in law enforcement at the District Attorney's office in Memphis, working in many different areas, including Domestic Violence Unit, Gang Unit, and Drug Court. She is married to a wonderful man, Jeff, who is an excellent step father to their 2 kids Gavin (13) and Amy (12). She enjoys the outdoors, especially trips to the mountains in northern Arkansas. Susan also loves reading and you can often find her listening to audiobooks. She also likes karaoke. She is always up for some singing!

Can you guess which fact about Susan is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • She was friends with Justin Timberlake while growing up.
  • She enjoys going to as many concerts as she can!
  • She originally started college as an elementary education major.
Marti Jordan - Regional Manager
Marti Jordan - Regional Manager

404-630-9680 |

Marti was born and raised in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. She attended Dekalb Community College and the Culinary Institute of Atlanta (part of the Art Institute). She owned a catering business for 12 years before getting into the storage industry, mainly due to her brother's influence (he is a storage owner with two facilities in South Georgia). She has worked for ASM for more than five years now and continues to love learning the different aspects of the industry.

Can you guess which fact about Marti is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • She likes conflict.
  • She loves to garden.
  • She is addicted to ice cream.
Toby Humble - Regional Manager
Toby Humble - Regional Manager

901-351-4907 |

Toby has lived in Olive Branch, MS his entire life. He graduated from Olive Branch High School and then continued his education at Northwest Community College. After that, Toby entered the car business where he started from the bottom and worked his way to the top. Through this process, he learned a number of valuable lessons and found a passion for finance. After years in the finance department, he decided to make a change and ASM gave him a great opportunity for a new career. Toby started as a property manager and has worked his way up to one of the seven regional managers.

Can you guess which fact about Toby is false? Email him at for the answer!

  • He loves to hunt and fish with his family.
  • He is always looking for new ways to improve his life.
  • He wants to buy a sail boat and cross the open seas.
Sheddrick Johnson - Regional Manager
Sheddrick Johnson - Regional Manager

601-503-8072 |

Sheddrick grew up in Pearl, MS (go Pirates!). He graduated from Pearl High School then attended Hinds Community College and Belhaven College, where he majored in accounting before switching to business administration. He worked in the rental car industry for 13 years before joining the ASM family. His hobbies include working out, reading (Dean Koontz is one of his favorite writers), watching tennis, and spending time with his family.

Can you guess which fact about Sheddrick is false? Email him at for the answer!

  • He has visited the Grand Cayman Islands 4 times.
  • He is a big tennis fan.
  • He enjoys tight rope walking.
Jennifer Howell - Regional Manager
Jennifer Howell - Regional Manager

901-488-3407 |

Jennifer Howell's drive, passion, and creative mind make her ideally suited for the position of Regional Manager with Absolute Storage Management. Her distinguished 10+ year career with ASM started as an assistant manager and she rapidly excelled at each position along the way. Jennifer and her growing team are currently managing over 1.4 million sq ft of storage space for some very happy property owners. Jennifer grew up in Germantown, TN, where she attended school and met her husband of 25+ years. Jennifer's career path was originally in aviation. She attended Business Air in Oklahoma City and could have been the next Amelia Earhart but a growing family brought her back to the Midsouth. Jennifer currently resides in the small town of Moscow, TN. Jennifer is extremely active in her community. She sits on the PVA of the Mid-South fund raising board and holds a leadership position on the Recreation Committee for the City of Moscow. She previously sat on the TNSSA board for 2 terms as well. Although her kids are on their own and off to college she has no plans of slowing down. She recently purchased her own kayak and plans to paddle away every chance she gets.

Can you guess which fact about Jennifer is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • She has a parakeet named Eleanor Jane that she named after a property manager she once knew.
  • She once dressed up like a clown and performed the chicken dance to motivate her team.
  • She is married to the Mayor, making her the First Lady of Moscow.
Scott Hager - District Manager
Scott Hager - District Manager

615-866-8126 |

Scott began his foray into property management with the apartment industry in Atlanta working with new construction lease-ups and acquisitions. He further honed his customer service and sales skills with big box retailers such as WAL-MART and specialty retailers such as Hallmark Retail. Scott began his career with ASM as an assistant. He lives in Hendersonville with his two children.

Can you guess which fact about Scott is false? Email him at for the answer!

  • He wants to vacation in New Zealand.
  • He wants to snorkel/dive on the barrier reef.
  • Spending time at the beach holds no interest for him.
Chris Hedrick - Regional Manager
Chris Hedrick - Regional Manager

901-210-0022 |

Chris began his working life in pizza delivery where he worked for 12 years. He helped make, bake, and deliver over $1 million in pizzas. He left there to work in home improvement for 15 more years at Home Depot. He started at ASM 2 years ago as an assistant manager. He has 2 wonderful children and 4 marvelous grandkids. When not working, he spends most of his time with his 4 grand kids. He is an avid fan of College and Pro football. ROLL TIDE!

Can you guess which fact about Chris is false? Email him at for the answer!

  • He has either prepared, baked, or delivered 1 million pizzas.
  • He has smoked on an airplane.
  • He has visited 5 continents.
Duncan Earle - District Manager
Duncan Earle - District Manager

615-873-0686 |

Duncan grew up in Louavul KY (Louisville for those not from the area) and moved to Bloomington, Indiana to attend Indiana University. After graduating he started his career in the storage industry, where he has worked for almost 9 years. In 2012, he relocated to Nashville, TN to join the ASM team. Duncan refers to his dogs as his 3 beautiful children with tails and spends his free time taking them to the lake for a swim; his mantra is "a tired dog is a good dog". When not at the lake he makes time for golf, cooking for friends on Sundays, and watching football. Go Broncos!

Can you guess which fact about Duncan is false? Email him at for the answer!

  • He worked for a Spay Neuter Clinic in college.
  • He almost got stuck in Australia without a passport
  • He enjoys full contact Bingo.
Misty Richards - Regional Manager
Misty Richards - Regional Manager

704-650-9617 |

Misty was born and raised in Concord, North Carolina. She is married and has three wonderful children (when they are sleeping). She is a certified scuba diver but really only dives in local quarries. Misty is happiest sitting in her lounge chair on the beach.

Can you guess which fact about Misty is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • She was a first chair clarinet player in high school.
  • Her dream is to retire to an island somewhere.
  • She has 15 animals.
Michelle Dean - Regional Manager
Michelle Dean - Regional Manager

704-792-1500 |

Michelle joined the ASM family as a part time Assistant Property Manager in 2010. Michelle is a Certified Self Storage Manager and was named Manager of the Month by the NCSSA in 2014. She now enjoys the responsibilities, challenges, and travel as a Regional Manager. She is the proud mother of 2 great girls, and loves spending time with her husband of 20+ years.

Can you guess which fact about Michelle is false? Email her at for the answer!

  • She has lived in 8 states.
  • Dizzy Dean was a distant relative of her husband's family.
  • Her dogs' names are Peabody and Sherman.