Wyneshia Saddler

Accounting Assistant

Wyneishia Saddler currently work as an Account Support/Office Manager at Absolute Storage Management. Born and bred in Memphis TN. After attending high school in small town Munford TN. she attended and graduated from Tech school in 2012 as a Medical assistant/X-ray tech. After tech school, Wyneshia went on to earn her certification in those fields. Having come from a health care profession, ASM was a whole new ball game for her. Wyneshia quickly embraced the exciting new challenges and culture. She has one child, a Great Pyrenees named Rufus. She loves to read and listen to poetry, paint, sing (although she says she is not good at all) and  is a horror movie fanatic! An active church member Wynehsia adores the great outdoors! (if it isn’t too hot)

Can you guess which fact about Wyneshia is false? Email her at wyneshia.saddler@absolutemgmt.com for the answer!

  • Wyneishia and Rufus engage in Mushing during the winter season.
  • Wyneishia has a small paint studio in her home.
  • Wyneishia knits and crochets in her free time.
833-463-6276 ext 709   |   wyneshia.saddler@absolutemgmt.com